Vi hjälper hörapparatbärare världen över att uppfatta och njuta av ljudet hemma, på arbetet eller på konserthuset, operan, bion eller på andra platser. Nedan beskriver vi ett antal lyckade hörslingeinstallationer, läs gärna mer!
OBS! Våra referenser (case studies) är skrivna på engelska.

University of Economics in Katowice, PL

One of the oldest universities in Upper Silesia, founded in 1936, now houses 60 portable Univox® SmartLoops and five stationary Cross-the-Counter loops serving the hard of hearing studying at the University of Economics in Katowice, Poland.

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Nottingham University, UK

Univox RF system is being used in the Bio Sciences department at Nottingham University, where they have up to 200 students and 3 courses occurring at the same time. The course tutors provide instruction to their students as they move around this huge lab.

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landtag-brandenburgLandtag Brandenburg, Germany

In the new parliament building Landtag Brandenburg in Potsdam just south of Berlin, the Chamber as well as 11 meeting rooms were equipped with Univox SLS loops to comply with the barrier-free demands in the project.

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Kremlin Theatre, Russia

The Kremlin Theatre, once the Palace of Congresses, now Moscow’s biggest and most prestigious concert hall, is equipped with Univox hearing loop systems and has full coverage throughout the main hall.

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Kosterhavet Naturum, Sweden

Kosterhavet Naturum, at the national marine park of Skagerack, enhanced the visitor experience by introducing a personal tour guide with ear hooks, offering hearing accessibility to all, including hearing aid users.

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Norwegian State Railways (NSB), Oslo

75 new trains run by The Norwegian State Railways (NSB) for traffic in the Oslo area and southern part of Norway have been equipped with Univox TLS-2 Loop system. All train cars are now safer, easier and more relaxing for hearing disabled, especially when travelling alone.

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UN Green Headquarters, Denmark

The large auditorium can be used as one large open space with chairs (no fixed seating rows) or be divided by folding walls at two positions along the rear wall, making it…

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House of Disabled People’s Organisations, Denmark

The reception desks welcoming staff and visitors are built in two different heights to facilitate for wheelchairs. Commencing from the reception area, using the elevators had to be easy to manage and safe for both sitting and standing users. Finally in the meeting rooms…

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Melbourne Airport, Australia

All gate areas in Pier G have been fitted with loops. Due to the heavily metal reinforced structure common in most airports a Univox SLS design was preferred…

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Cardboard Cathedral, New Zealand

The cathedral measures 70 feet (21 m) above the altar. Materials used in its construction include 2 feet (0.61 m) diameter cardboard tubes, timber and steel. The roof is of…

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Haci Hasan Mosque, Turkey

The Haci Hasan Mosque was restored, redesigned to be the first mosque in Turkey fully accessible to all disabled groups and reopened for worship in 2012…

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Copenhagen Opera House, Denmark

With the installation of Univox Super Loop Systems the Opera House in Copenhagen can offer hearing impaired visitors high class accessibility.

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Brisbane International Airport, Australia

Old, poorly planned and badly installed loop systems were replaced by Univox induction loops.

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Stockholm Concert Hall, Sweden

A total of 23 SLS-300’s and 2 SLS-100’s were fitted in the Stockholm Concert Hall’sMain hall and the Grünewald hall.

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St. Leonard’s Church, UK

Nestled in a picturesque Somerset village, St. Leonard’s is a charming rural parish church commanding beautiful views over the surrounding countryside. The site and some p…

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Scandic Hotels, Sweden

The Nordic hotel chain Scandic Hotels implemented a program to make their hotels accessible to all kind of impaired guests. Among the 110 points, three were aiming at solv…

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Hong Kong subway

Hong Kong underground system, keeping 2.3 million people on the move every weekday, has chosen Univox loop amplfiers for the platform information system.

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World Expo Zaragoza, Spain

Univox hearing loop amplifiers gave the hearing aid wearers a high quality sound at many theatres and arenas at World Expo in Zaragoza 2008.

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The National Museum, Sweden

The National Museum of Art in Stockholm gives full access to the guided tours to both people with and without hearing impair.

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Home for the elderly, Kontula, Finland

48 SLS loop systems have been successfully installed in all public spaces in a home for elderly people in Finland.

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